Inuyashiki: Last Hero episode 1 review


Welcome back everyone to another review of fall season anime and today in this post I’m going to review Inuyashiki. So, without waisting, any more time here is Inuyashiki: Last Hero episode 1 review.

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My Review

Keeping the episode aside, the opening of this series is amazing, probably it’s going to be my favourite opening of fall season anime. The competition is hard between Ancient bride of magus and Inuyashiki. For the facts, the opening is done by Man with the mission and the interesting part is that they are big fans of Inuyashiki manga and now they did the opening for the anime.

Now let’s come to the plot, in Inuyashiki the protagonist is played by an old male named as Ichiro Inuyashiki. As for the storyline, he is 52 years old, got stomach cancer which made him age faster. He is 52 but he sure looks like an old grandpa and as an add-on, his family doesn’t pay him the respect that he deserves. The show is depressing but I bet something must be good about it. But to be honest I don’t like his kids, so disrespectful and rude, they surely piss me off. This all made him very depressed, stomach cancer is one thing but not getting respect form his kids, for whom he tries his best even though he got cancer.

He finds an abandoned dog which works as an antidepressant for him and provides him a little bit of happiness. They become inseparable but still, it is a sad show that will be going to show the real face of life (according to me). There was a scene when he was walking his dog and suddenly thoughts of if his family will care for him if he tells them that he is going to die makes me feel sad and to be honest I got little emotional. Watching him running into the forest with his dog, holding him and then cries there so that no one can see him or hear him.

Just after that point, a spaceship comes into the picture that changes Ichiro and makes him half robot (Cyborg). After that next day when he went for his regular check-up, the report showed that he don’t have any bode or skull inside his body. This is not it, he doesn’t even have blood flowing in his veins. Though still after becoming a robot he still feels emotions.

This show surely going to represent a lot of philosophical points of being a human and I would love to watch it. This episode touched me and I’m now waiting for the next episode.