Inuyahiki Episode 5 review


In the last episode, it was all about Inuyahiki (our hero), it was dark but very interesting and now this latest episode of “Inuyahiki: The Last Hero” is dedicated to Hiro. And I’m here with my Inuyahiki Episode 5 review.

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My Review

Hiro appears to be a psychopath, a cold-blooded murderer, but in this latest episode which was narrated from Hiro’s perspective. We get to know a little more about him, and it was different from what we seeing till now. There are scenes where Inuyahiki comes into the episode but the episode was mainly dedicated to Hiro.

Hiro doesn’t care about anyone’s life as he kills people for no reasons at all. Though in this episode we get to know that he cares about other peoples lives, but only of those which are directly related to him. If your life is not relevant to him then he won’t mind killing you at all. We see Hiro crying in this episode when he finds out that his mother has pancreatic cancer. That proves Hiro does have human emotions but it not for everyone. Not just this he also spent some good time with his Father and stepfamily also he fought for his friend in the 3rd episode.

He is a psychopath but it not like he doesn’t have human emotions. He cares about people but only when they are very close to him. Hiro is completely contrary to Inuyashiki as he considers everyone’s life important. In the last episode, we saw Inuyahiki killing an entire Yakuza family just to save innocent lives.

Hiro cured his mother of cancer and moved to more luxurious and comfortable surrounding for good of his mother. His emotions for his family are very clear in this episode he can do anything to protect them. We see Hiro saying to his mother “you don’t have to support me anymore. I will be the one supporting you”. He has good intentions but the path he is choosing to fulfill his intention is not right at all. He doesn’t know what is right and what is wrong which is basically a classification of a psychopath.

At the end of the episode, we see Hiro thinking about his actions he doesn’t want to kill anyone anymore and thinking about changing. RIght when we were expecting a change in Hiro a knock on the door and Public Security Agency was there, came to catch Hiro. Basically Hiro’s friend and Inuyasha able to track him to stop him.


But we know what is going to happen, action and killing started again. Also, know the entire Japan going to know about Hiro’s power because this time PSA is involved in it.

On the other side, we also see Inuyashiki training with Hiro’s friend to get better control over his power. I’m hoping for a Good VS Evil fight very soon and I’m super excited to see what will happen next.