Inuyahiki Episode 2 Review


Well, that’s not very usual that the first episode of the series made me emotional and then just in its second episode it escalated so fast that it would become even more interesting. I’m talking about Inuyashiki and it is a must watch anime of fall season. Just two episodes are aired till now but right from its first episode, it touched my soul and here are my Inuyahiki Episode 2 Review.

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My Review

No doubt that fall season is the best season of anime this year. I mean there are animes with an amazing storyline, unique animation, hilarious and some good continuation as well. And if talk about the storyline Inuyashiki is the best one till now. Reality and Sci-fi combined just blow up everyone’s mind. Now the second episode was aired and we get to see the other teenage guy who was in the accident with the Ichiro (our main character/hero). Hiro is the name of the teenage boy and he is a coldblooded murderer. He is the other main character of the series and most probably he is going to be the villain of the series.

Because of the accident, they both turned into a cyborg, though Inuyashiki is more like a controlled person as he can still feel emotions and used his power for the good of others. While on the other hand, Hiro is a complete psychopath, he can’t feel any human emotions. In this episode, we get to know the story of Hiro he is a typical High School guy but later we get to know from him that there is a trend of killing in the area and he is the reason for that.

He is a maniac and we get to see that he select his targets randomly at night. There was a scene where he gets into someone’s home then killed the mother, then the father along with the child, not just this he also killed the daughter after toying with her. And to be honest that scene was messed up, hard to watch not kidding. This guy is completely messed-up.

After watching this episode there is a list of things that he can do with his new cyborg power and those are:

  • He can control machine and make them move the way he wants them to move, he can control car with his hand without touching it.
  • He can kill people just by pointing a finger gun (I don’t know the science in it).
  • He can scale open anyone just by sliding his finger on someone’s body.

Hiro was the main focus in this episode but we get to see Inuyashiki’s powers as well. He got his superhearing, he can hear radio frequencies as well. There must be more things that we get to know about Ichiro’s.

That was all with the episode, the execution was nice, introducing to the Hiro and revealing his power later seeing both hero and villain standing and staring at each other. The story and execution are just amazing and I love this series.