Indian Movies Released in 2019 & Where To Watch


In 2019, the Indian movie industry did launch some great movies. In spite of the language barrier, every movie industry in India is doing pretty well. All these movies are either running in theater or will be available to watch online on legal streaming sites. Here we will check the list of movies released in 2019 and its availability.

We encourage to use legal channels and websites for Movies Download, MP3 Songs. Watching Movies online from any illegal sites leads to losses to producers and puts the lives of thousands of people working in the Film Industry is in danger.

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Total Dhamaal

Released on 22nd Feb 2019, Total Dhamaal is one of the bets comedy entertaining movies. Directed by Indra Kumar, this movie has Ajay Devgn, Madhuri Dixit Riteish Deshmukh, Arshad Warsi, Javed Jaffrey, Esha Gupta, and Anil Kapoor as main characters. Everyone is on the way to Goa in a quest to search 50 Cr. During this journey, everyone goes through different situations that will make you laugh. Click here for Total Dhamaal Full Movie Download.


Dev is a Fun romantic drama Tamil movie about a boy named Dev who like adventures. This movie is directed by Rajath Ravishankar starring Karthi and Rakul Preet Singh in the lead role. Later dev falls in love with an ambitious Businesswomen, which becomes his next adventure. If you are looking for this movie, check Dev Full Movie Download.

Thai Curry

Thai Curry is a comedy Bengali Movie about 3 friends who get in huge trouble. The movie stars, Soham Chakraborty, Hiraan Chatterjee, and Rudranil Ghosh in the lead role. Everything in everyone’s life is going good until they get kidnapped by a local gangster. After this, all of them have to go through a lot of trouble. Finally, when they succeed in getting out, they get caught again. The entire story of this movie revolves around the 3 friends and the local gangster which is quite funny to watch. Thai Curry is one of the best comedy Bengali movies of 2019. Click here for Thai Curry Full Movie Download.

Dombivli Return

Dombivli Return is a thriller Marathi movie released on 22 Feb 2019 which is directed by Mahendra Teredesai. In the lead we have Sandeep Kulkarni, playing Anant’s role in this movie. Anant a common man happy with his shift job and daily travel between Dombivli & Office. One day he accidentally comes across photos that changes his and his family life. He is in a situation to choose either money or family. Click here for Dombivli Return Full Movie Download.

Rabb Da Radio 2

Rabb Da Radio is a Punjabi drama film directed by Sharan Art. The film features B.N Sharma and Avtar Gill in the supporting roles. Rabb Da Radio 2 might appear to be a slow movie with only some part of the second half racing things a bit. However, the fans of Tarsem Jassar and the ones who love emotional dramas are bound to enjoy Rabb Da Radio 2. Click here for Rabb Da Radio 2 Full Movie Download

NTR Mahanayakudu

NTR Mahanayakudu is directed by Krish and we have Nandamuri Balakrishna and Vidya Balan as a lead role in this movie. This movie is based on NT Rama Rao’s life and journey into politics. We will get to see all the situations NT Rama Rao went through during his political career. Check here for NTR Mahanayakudu Full Movie Download.


Mithai is a Telugu comedy movie directed by Prashant Kumar. This movie featuring Priyadarshi in the lead role. Priyadarshi is playing a character who gets fired and robbed a few days before his marriage. This makes his life up and down. The robber takes everything he had, which get him in a crazy challenge to not get married until he finds the robber. Click here for Mithai Full Movie Download.

July Kaatril

Rajeev has a good job and is settled financially, but as far as love is concerned, he really isn’t. Enters Shreya, a student counselor who falls in love instantly with Rajeev and they get engaged soon, but Rajeev finds no spark in their relationship and breaks the engagement. He finds Revathy to be the girl of his dreams and falls for her. However, he realises Revathy being focused on her passion than him, and understands how he had hurt Shreya. Whether Rajeev found love ultimately is what July Kaatril is all about. Click here for July Kaatril Full Movie Download

Bilalpur Police station

Surya takes charge of Bilalpur Police Station as a sub-inspector. One fine day, he gets a case of robbery and starts investigating the case. To his surprise, another case of a missing girl gets registered in the same police station. What is this robbery all about? Who is this missing girl? Do both these crimes have a connection? To know all this, watch the film on the big screen. Click here for Bilalpur Police Station Full Movie Download

Where is the Venkat Lakshmi

Venkata Lakshmi enters a village as a teacher. Attracted to her glamour, both Chanti and Pandu fall in love with Venkata Lakshmi. With no work and ambition in life, Chanti and Pandu decide to do anything for Venkata Lakshmi. At the same time, she also plans to use them for her work. In the process, they learn that Venkata Lakshmi is possessed by a ghost. So, what did she ask Chanti and Pandu to do? What happens to them in the end? How is the story linked to Shekar and Gauri love story? Click here for Where is the Venkat Lakshmi Full Movie Download

Guddiyan Patole

Guddiyan Patole, a Punjabi comedy-drama film directed by Vijay Kumar Arora. The film is based on two granddaughters and their grandmother. It showcases the lead actors Sonam Bajwa and Tania, they return from Canada to Punjab. Moreover, the movie appears to touch the heartstring. Eventually, the film takes to the emotional family drama scene. Click here for Guddiyan Patole Full Movie Download

Chhatrapati shasan

Revolving around Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s ideas, the film explores how his messages are interpreted by a student, a professor, and politician, in their respective capacities. Although the film sets out to give a clear message, it gets lost somewhere due to lack of proper execution. The film seems like multiple history lectures stitched together. The execution lacks focus and each scene ends abruptly hampering the flow of the movie. Click here for Chhatrapati Shasan Full Movie Download.

The Hacker

The Hacker is an interesting, thriller Bengali movie about a bunch of hackers who hacked everything in Kolkata. Unknown about the personality, the Government hires Kabir Ali a Raw Agent to investigate this issue. As soon as the investigation starts, the movie gets more interesting. What happens next is a surprise. Click here for The Hacker Full Movie Download.

Band Vaaje

Band Vaaje is a sweet dish for those who love the Smeep-Binnu-Bhalla-Ghuggi combo of movies. It has funny scenes, hilarious dialogues, humorous situations, laugh-worthy characters, and a pleasing story. This is the perfect movie to watch at the end of a long day when you just wish to leave logic behind and enjoy entertainment on the screen. Click here for Band Vaaje Full Movie Download.

Shankar Mudi

Shankar Mudi is a Bengali Movie In a suburban hamlet, Shankar runs a small kirana shop, Jagot is a tailor, Naran is a barber, Namita runs a ladies tailoring shop, Kaloda runs a tea shop and Bishu is an unemployed guy. Everything runs smoothly and people are happy with their profession until a shopping mall comes along, which destabilizes the whole system. There arises a tough competition for the local vendors. However, they all decide to take this challenge head-on. Will the local vendors be able to fight for their survival? Click here for Shankar Mudi Full Movie Online


There’s so much to talk about Nedunalvaadai a rare and unpretentious depiction of village life that stays grounded to achieve its purpose whose core is about the separation of a man and woman, and a grandfather and his grandson. Click here for Nedunalvaadai Full Movie Online


A group of criminals hatches a plan to loot the wealth of a huge temple for their selfish needs. The movie’s story is about a bunch of anti-social elements eyeing the wealth hidden in Brihadeeswarar Temple in Thanjavur and how cops are after them. The film, however, starts as a family drama laced with some ineffective humor. The several flashback episodes and multiple non-linear narrations confuse the audience. Click here for Aghavan Full movie Download 


Thala Ajith and his favorite director Siva are back again with Viswasam which is actually the extension of their most enjoyable commercial potboiler Veeram. Treatment is Siva’s forte and that is what makes this film tick with the audiences, despite the absence of an original plot. Here,  Siva has the most dependable Nayanthara in a strong female lead role. Click here for Viswasam Full Movie Download

There are several movies released in 2019. Get to know all the news and updates. We sincerely do not support piracy and watching movies online or downloading it.