How Not To Summon A Demon Lord Chapter 39 – Release Date & Expectation


How Not To Summon a Demon Lord chapter 39

Chapter: How Not To Summon the Demon Lord Chapter 39

Release Date: 26- Sept

How not to summon a demon lord chapter 38.2 was released last week, but there was no information on what the next chapter will come with. Also, there was no confirmation on the release date for the chapter. Today we are here with Spoiler and release date for the next chapter 39, for How Not To Summon A Demon Lord.

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Before going to spoiler and release date, let’s discuss what we have seen in the chapter 38.2.

We saw how Diablo make Krebskulm his slave with the slave magic. The only intention behind this was to stop Sylvies to stop killing the Demon Lord. By becoming Diablo’s slave, it becomes Diablo’s responsibility to save Krebskurm. Also, we got to know that a huge army of Demonic from the west are in the hunt for Krebskulm.

Our Expectation: 

As Krebskulm is now Diablo’s slave we might see his journey with Diablo. In chapter 39 we will see Diablo & others in the town, where Krebskulm is just enjoying eating biscuits. We might get to know more details on the enemies that we are going to see in the future chapter.

The chapter 39 will be a new Arc where we will be seeing a fight between the Demonic army & Diablo. We are yet to get a more clear idea on what are we going to expect & also to know how powerful the army is.

Release Date:

How not to summon a demon lord chapter 39 will be released in 26- September, which has been confirmed officially. We will be sharing with more information in this new Arc as soon as we come across any update.

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