Hiromi Tsuru Says Bye To The Universe – DBZ Looses Bulma Voice


Hiromi Tsuru passed away

29 MARCH 1960 – 17 NOVEMBER 2017

As being a fan of Goku I cannot forget these date. It’s a day not just Fan’s of Dragon Ball but the entire Japan will come to moun. As the news from Japan describing that Hiromi Tsuru passed today in Japan.

Hiromi Tsuru was a well-known actress and among anime fan’s she is famous for her voice over acting and the voice that she gave to Bulma. Dragon Ball series is one of the best series of all time. Recently Dragon Ball Super is the series that is satisfying his fan’s hunger.

According to reports indicate Tsuru passed away in her car after being found inattentive. The actress was rushed to the hospital but hospital declared her dead when brought in for treatment. There was no sign a car accident, so officials are examining to authenticate whether the death was from natural causes.

If you are not familiar with the name, then you should know the Hiromi Tsuru was a beloved one in Japan. She was November 1960, the actress and started her voicing character in the 1970s in The Story of Perrine. Over the years, Tsuru went on to play characters in Ranma 1/2, Miyuki, Trigun and that’s where I heard her first. Dragon Ball fan already knows her from her Bulma’s voicing.

This news of Hiromi Tsuru death will surely shake the fandom of Dragon Ball. But we shouldn’t have to get sad because she won’t be forgotten and her memories, her legacy will always be remembered.