Hiro Mashima revealed news of Fairy Tail sequel, spin-off in work


Recently the manga artist Hiro Mashima revealed that the sequel of famous classic Fairy Tail is in work. Not just this but he also announced that the spin-off is also in work. To keep the fan’s excited he also revealed the release of Anime Manga this fall.Manga artist Mashima did not mention anything about the publishing or plot in details. But, he stated that his new manga would get serialization in the 30th issue of Shonen Magazine. If you are a fan, then keep your eyes on the 30th issue of Shonen Magazin which will go on sale Jun. 27.Fairy Tale is a fiction manga based on magic and wizards. Created by Hiro Mashima. I used to be the Fairy Tail manga fan but then I switched to become the anime fan, and that’s simply because I’m a fan of Erza Scarlet. She is listed in our list of Top 10 Beautiful Anime Girls. Also, read the news about the release date of the final season of Fairy Tail.