Hinomaruzumou Episode 2 – Release Date & Spoiler


Hinomaruzumou Episode 2

Hinomaruzumou Episode 2: Wrestling V/s Sumo

Release Date: 13-October

We have seen a lot of new Anime releasing this Fall & Hinomaruzumou is one of the best anime released this Fall. This is a story about a boy, “Ushio, Hinomaru” whose aim is winning the title of the highest rank in professional sumo, which is equivalent of Yokozuna. Hinomaru first impression to everyone is like a shot & not so powerful opponent, but it’s completely different.

In the first episode, we saw how Hinomaru defeats “Yuuma Gojou” the strongest in Oodachi High School & becomes the famous face on his first day. This becomes clear that the episode 2nd is going to be more interesting. In this Article, we are going to see our expectation & release date for this episode.


Looking at the last part of the 1st Episode makes clear that the 2nd Episode is going to talk about the famous new face, Hinomaru. This episode will also show more about Chizuko Hori, who looked quite interested in him. We might also get to know more about Shinya Ozeki & his past. Apart from this, we will also get to know more about their upcoming battle & will see a few new characters.

Whereas the title of the episode, “Wrestling V/s Sumo” gives a clear hint about a fight with some wrestler. We are not sure who that will be, it makes sure about the action.


Release Date:

Hinomaruzumou’s episodes are expected to release on every Friday, which means Episode 2 will be released on 13-October.