Hinomaru Zumo Trailer Released – Premiere On October


Kōnosuke Uda known for his famous anime series One Piece is now working on a new anime series called “Hinomaru Zumo.” This new anime series will premiere on October this year.

For those who don’t know about this Anime, then lets’ read what it is about.

Hinomaru Zumo is published by Shueisha and represents combat sumo sports.

The main character of this series “Ushio Hinomaru” first appears at a Sumo club (Oodachi High School) to learn this ancient art of Sumo fighting, but Sumo fighting meant for huge people, where Ushio Hinomaru does not fit into it, but his aim is to win the Hinoshita Kaisan title.

Overall, this seems to be an exciting anime, in which we will see how Ushio Hinomaru will learn to fight those giants sumo fighter to win the title of Hinoshita Kaisan.