Has Sasuke Noticed Boruto’s Tenseigan & The Kama?


Sasuke’s look after Boruto defeats Momoshiki

After watching Boruto Episode 65, there is a lot of mystery going to expose in the upcoming episodes. We already that Boruto posses a Tenseigan & in the recent episode, we saw the Kama. But, if you see the episode closely, you will see a look at Sasuke’s face that clearly shows that he has already acknowledged Boruto’s Tenseigan & Kama.

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If you have read “Boruto Manga 11: A New Mission” you will know that Sasuke already knows about his Kama, which he thinks is not normal. He instructs Boruto to inform him immediately if anything unnatural happens. With this, he leaves a lot of clues for us to know how intense the whole Boruto Series is going to take place.

Boruto’s Karma

We already know that Boruto’s Kama has the power to absorb chakra, similar to Momoshiki Otsutsuki, but we also know that as soon as he makes a use of it, he will collapse. This clearly means that the Kama uses all of your chakras when used. Which mean, Boruto in future is going under a very hard training to make a use of his chakra with the Kama. (adderall)

Now, Sasuke is in the mission to search about the Kama & Tenseigan. Which means that Boruto is going under an intense training in the future episode & by the time Sasuke does his research, there will be a lot of researched information will be shared with Boruto.