Goku Will Unleash Mastered form of Ultra Instinct in Episode 129


Dragon Ball Super series is about to end just a few episodes are left. With this, there is one big question still waiting for its answer. All the questions related to Saiyans are still needed to be answered. Fans are waiting to see new and mastered form of Goku’s Ultra Instinct. There was no episode in the last week which means fans have to wait, but the series might drop a hint on how we will be singing the new Mastered form of Goku’s Ultra Instinct.Well, SPOILER ALERT!!

This weekend there was no new episode of Dragon Ball Super was released, but they did share an elongated preview of the new episode. Teaser lasting for a minute was displaying a tense fight scene between Goku and Jiren.

Goku seems to stays in his Ultra Instinct form, but Jiren will help him to reach another level. So, in the preview, Goku appears to hover in mid-air as he throws a massive energy blast towards Jiren who is standing on the ground, and ready with his counter-attack. Goku’s attack gets bounced back as Jiren sends his own attack that lands cleanly on Goku, and we see our fighter goes flying backward in the air.

Now there is a thing in this scene with this attack as Goku might have to get into his mastered Ultra Instinct form shortly after he takes the new counter chest first.

After watching the clip, fans are making theories and wondering if Goku’s power-up is going to happen due to the blast that he took from Jirens attack. If you remember the first time when Goku unleashed his Ultra Instinct for the first time was because of the power-up due to the heat of the attack and force of Goku’s Spirit Bomb hitting him served as a trigger to activate his Ultra Instinct form. So, in the next episode, Goku might get to another level of his Ultra Instinct.