Goku become stronger than God’s- REASON ” Why All GODS Were Standing “


After watching the last episode of Dragon Ball Super, fans were going crazy about the series. Only two episodes are left at the end of the tournament of power. Fan’s are coming up with several theories of their own describing the conclusion of the series. I’m not going to describe you any theory of mine in this post. Instead, I’ll be focusing on the more important event that had happened in the last week’s episode.Dragon Ball SuperI hope you all had watched the episode 129 of Dragon Ball Super and if not then SPOILERS ALERT.

The tournament of power is just a 40 minutes competition that helped out Universe 7 characters to develop so much. With Android 17’s skill and his sacrifice, Vegeta achieving his new power and Son Goku transforming into a super fast warrior as he Mastered his Ultra Instinct form all this has happened in just 40 minutes of competition.

In the last week’s episode tables has turned, Jiren was going hard on Goku before, but after Mastering his Ultra Instinct form, Goku has put up a good fight against Jiren. There was a scene in which all the God’s were stand up when they get to know that Goku has mastered his Ultra Instinct form.

Many of you might not have paid enough attention to that particular scene, but that was something amazing to see. The thing is Angels from each universe are powerful then each God, they have already mastered their Ultra Instinct. Angels are the one who trains the God’s, but still, God’s hasn’t mastered their Ultra Instinct.

Now Goku has achieved his form which surpasses the God’s in just 40minutes. The standing gestures was a gesture of respect towards Son Goku.

If God’s mastered their Ultra Instinct, then they will become the ultimate God or even angel, and that will be it. Though in the last episode Goku has already reached that level. He has become stronger than God’s.