Goblin Slayer Manga Chapter 31-Expected Spoiler


It seems like Goblin Slayer Manga Chapter are adding few fillers. In chapter 30 we saw Uketsuke interested in Orcblog & they are now going out at the Harvest Festival. But, this is just another deal for Orcblog to get more Goblins to slay.

Goblin Slayer Manga 31

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Goblin Slayer Chapter 31 is expected to be out soon next week & in this chapter, we are going to see the outcome at the Harvest Festival. In this article, we are going to discuss our expectation of Chapter 31. If you have something to add, you can do that in the comment below.

Goblin Slayer Manga 31 Expected Spoiler

This is the first time we are going to see Orgblog going on a date & that too with Uketsuke.  In this chapter, we are expecting to see Majo’s investigating their date. We believe that this chapter will be a perfect moment between Goblin Slayer & Uketsuke.

We might also see other Adventurers joining them later in this chapter. At the same time, we might see Goblin slayers looking for new methods to slay Goblins. Where Uketsuke thinks it’s a date, for Goblin Slayer it is another opportunity to find different methods to slay Goblins. At the same time, we might also see Ushikai at the festival.

By the end of this chapter, we might see a new mission assigned to Goblin Slyer. We are also looking forward to the adventure that Goblin Slayer will get. After the Sword-Maiden Arc, we are expecting to see something more interesting. As they already know the way Goblins come from, we might see them looking for more Mirror world to destroy.

Release Date:

Goblin Slayer Chapter 31 is expected to get a release by 25 December 2018, but there is no official confirmation made. We might expect to see the RAW Scan a few days before the chapter release. If you have anything to discuss, feel free to add it in the comment below.