Goblin Slayer Episode 9 – Release Date & Spoiler


Goblin Slayer Episode 9: There and Back Again

Release Date: 2nd December 2018

Status: Released

Update: Goblin Slayer Episode 9 is aired and you can watch the episode on legal streaming websites

Goblin Slayer Episode 8 gave a huge hint of the Goblin world beyond the mirror. It seems all the Goblin at the Water Town came beyond the Mirror world. It seems that Goblin Slayer already knew about it & now their journey becomes tough. Talking about Goblin Slayer Episode 9, we are going to witness the epic action scenes.

Goblin Slayer Episode 9 Release Date & Spoiler

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In this article, we are going to discuss talk about Goblin Slayer Episode 9 Spoiler & will let you know the release date. If you want to know more about this Episode keep reading further.

Goblin Slayer Episode 9:

The adventurers have spotted a mirror & now they will see the world beyond it. As soon as they touch it, they will see a bunch of Hobs and Goblins beyond it. This becomes clear that the Mirror is working as a gate between the real & Goblin world.

This is like a treat for the Goblin Slayer. We will see how the adventurers make a plan to get inside the Goblin world. In this episode, we will be seeing some intense action & during their fight, we see the return of the Hob. The Hob is the same hob that the Goblin Slayer injured in Episode 7.

There will an amazing battle where we see the Old Guy kills the Hob with Stone Blast magic. This episode will also bring an end of Sword Maidan’s Arc where we will see a new Adventure waiting.

We might get to see an all-new Adventure and a complete new Arc that we haven’t seen in Manga.

Goblin Slayer Episode 9 Release Date:

For those, who are concern about Goblin Slayer Episode 9 release date, it is expected to get aired on 2nd December 2018. If there is any change in the schedule we will update you here.

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