Goblin Slayer Episode 6 – Meeting the Sword Maiden


Goblin Slayer Episode 6

Goblin Slayer Episode 6: Goblin Slayer In The Water Town

Release Date: 10 – November 2018

Status: Aired

In the last episode of Golin Slayer, we saw their normal life when they have no Goblin to Slayer. During their daily routine, we see how Gobline Slayer helps by being an Observer for the Promotion Interview. The whole episode was just a filler with a hint of an epic adventure coming.

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By the end of the Episode, we saw an envelope with the royal stamp that indicates that indicates an invite to the Water Town (Temple of God). In this Article, we are going to see Spoiler for Goblin Slayer Episode 6.

Warning: The article is full of spoiler


In Goblin Slayer Episode 6 we are going to see Goblin Slayer & other adventurers going to the Temple of the Supreme God, which is at the Water town. It is also confirmed that the adventurers & Goblin Slayer will be meeting “Sword Maiden”- Golden Ranked.

It will become clear that Sword Mother was the one requested for Gobin Slayer help her town from Gobline.  We will be seeing how the Sword Mother will give all the information about how this Gobline entered the town from the underworld and s giving a lot of trouble to the people.

In this episode we will Goblin Slayer going on another Quest to slay the goblin in the Water Town.

Goblin Slayer Episode 6 Release Date:

For those who are wondering about the release date, Goblin Slayer Episode 6 will release on 10 November 2018.