Goblin Slayer Episode 11 Release Date and Spoiler


After the release of Episode 10.5, it was confirmed that the episode is going to be Filler Episode. Later it got confirmed that Goblin Slayer Episode 11 is another spoiler. In Episode 11 we are going to know about Goblin Slayer and Cow Girl’s relation

Goblin Slayer Episode 11

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This post will be our expectation on Goblin Slayer Episode 11. As Goblin Slayer Anime Series is an adaption of Manga, hence we are expecting it to be Manga chapter 10-12. 

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Goblin Slayer Episode 11 Spoiler

We are finally going to see the relation between Goblin SLayer and the Cow Girl. But by the time we see more, we will directcly see the next day Goblin Slayer asking her to leave. 

As said, this is another filler, but by the half part of episode 11, we will see the hint of a huge battle. Goblin will ask he cowgirl to leave and go to the adventurers for help. It will really be a difficult task for Orcblog to convince the adventurers of the town. 

By the end of the episode, we will see how every adventurer gets ready and follow Goblin Slayers plan. We might get to see the battle in this, Goblin Slayer Episode 12 is going to take it ahead. 

Goblin Slayer Episode11 Release Date

It was already confirmed in their press release that Goblin Slayer Episode 11 is going to get released on 22nd December 2018. 

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