Gintama season 6 episode 2 review


Watch Gintama season 6 episode 2 (Gintama Episode 330)

Title: Gintama Season Six – Episode 2
Release date:  8-October-2017
Original Maker: Hideaki Sorachi


Gintama episode 330 was aired yesterday and it was just amazing. The first episode of slip arc was also hilarious but this one is just amazing. As we saw in the last episode, episode 1 of season 6 Gintama, Gin-san, and Umibozu trying to act like grown-ups, Kagura founds a boyfriend and apparently her boyfriend is a Titan. Now that was hilarious but in episode 6 the mix of Atack on Titan makes this episode hilarious. Also, it was over-exaggerated but that’s what they do. So, let me just get started with the Gintama season 6 episode 2 review.

My review

The last episode ended Gin-san and Umibozu grows up their body in order to look grown-ups (they took the word grown-ups in a completely different way). As they were meeting Kaguras boyfriend before their date, they become giants in order to scare of Kagura’s boyfriend. But what did happen was that her boyfriend is a Titan, a humongous beast who ripped-off their roof just to enter the house. Both Gin-san and Umibozu were shocked to see it but they were keeping their calm. Dia-chan is the prince of Titan planet and he the boyfriend of Kagura.

Now, this episode is titled as “My Bald Dad, My Light-Haired Dad, and My Dad’s Glasses“, this episode started with Kagura introducing Dia-chan to Gintoki and Umibozu (her earth dad and real dad). And we all know how they are going to react, over possessive about their precious Kagura. Din-chan is a typical teenage bastard (I’m talking about his attitude). Din-chan was disrespecting both Gintoki and Umibozyu, he was also disrespecting Kagura.

Din-chan no just want to date Kagura but he also wants to take her with him and make her his wife. That makes both Gintoki and Umibozu super insecure and they start to make excuses and the scene was hilarious. Later Kagura agreed with the long-term relationship and while both her dads were fighting she went on her date.

Episode 2 is filled with the attack on titans references as we saw Din and his friends gathered around Gintoki’s house. The translation of this episode was also remarkable. I really like this slip arc, in this episode seeing both of them protect Kagura from the Din was amazing.

The story of this episode is basically that Din wants to Marry Kagura so that Titan’s can destroy the bride’s planet for the Ceremony, but for the twist and now spoilers alert. For the twist Gin and Umibozu, both kill all the Titans and traumatized Din for forever.

Though, Kagura learns the lesson that she doesn’t want to be in love with someone as she is happy with all three of her dad’s.