Gintama 2 Live-Action Movie To Release On 31st October In Indonesia


Gintama 2 live action  movie

Gintama 2 Live Action movie has done pretty well in Japan with over 800 million Yen & ranking #1 for the first week. Since then there has been a hype about the movie in other countries. Today we have a good news for Indonesia Anime fans who are waiting for the movie.

Gintama 2 Live Action will release on 30th October on Theaters in Indonesia. The release date was officially confirmed at Odex Indonesia Facebook page.

This movie covers Shinsengumi & Shigun’s Arc. This movie stars, Shun Oguri playing Gintoki’s role. Apart from him, we will also see Masaki Suda (Playing Shinpachi), Masami Nagasawa (playing Tae), Kanna Hasimoto (Playing Kagura) & Masaki Okada (Playing Kotao) in this movie.

The release date for other countries will be shared with you as soon as we get an update. If you are eager to know the release date for your country, just ask us in the comment below.