Gigant Chapter 19 – Spoiler & Release Date


Giant Chapter 19

Gigant Chapter 19

Release date: End of September – Expected

Status: Aired

Update: The chapter is aired.

Note: Read this Manga only if you are above 18. 

Finally, I am writing about this Manga. Gigant has really taken a next level turn in the story. This adult manga is getting serious after every Chapter releases. If you have read the chapter 18, then you might know what I am talking about. In the previous chapter, We saw how Chiho fights against another giant alien when he is about to attack Rei Yokoyamada.

The story has taken a huge turn now. It seems that what Rei said was true. The watch attached to Chiho’s wrist is the indication that she is the chosen one to save the world. Knowing about what is going t next is mind-blowing. In this Article, we will see what are we going to see in Gigant Chapter 19.

Gigant Chapter 19 Spoiler & Release date:

We have already seen that Chiho is out to fight another giant Alien who is attacking the city. With this, it will become clear even to the aliens (We really don’t know who they are) to see who is the chosen one.  In the next chapter, we will see how Chiho fights against the giant as she has emotionally been attacked to Rei and does want him to lose.

As the fight ends, we will see how all the media person will start talking about the whole incident and on the other hand we will see how Rei’s parents will react after knowing about Chiho and Rei’s relation.

Talking about the release date, we are not yet sure, but looking at their pattern we expect the chapter to be released by the end of September.

As this Manga chapter is getting interesting, we might keep you guys posted to know what’s going to happen next.