Garou Vs A-Class Hero’s – The Battle You Should Not Miss


Garou Vs A Class Hero

If you are reading this article, then it is quite obvious that you are looking for Garou Vs A Class Hero. Garou Vs A Class Hero fight is one of the epic fights of One Punch Man Season 2. Hence, we are here to give you the detail about who wins between A Class Heros and Garo.

Garou’s Plan

After he calculates each hero ability he uses his analysis to kill them. This leads the A class hero makes a countless wrong decision and hit each other with there weapon. In fact, Garou makes it look simple to take each one of them easily. Now,  3 of them went down by there own miss calculations the Garou take each one by 1 hit.

Garou Vs A Class Hero

So, The A class Hero lasts one standing used’s everything in his power to kill him. But the house behind him is what Garou have to save, hence he stop every bullet. Garo takes a lot of damage once this all is done. But Garou makes a killer move and takes the last A-class hero with Water-Flow-Fist’s.

Garou then see’s the child which he tries to protect the child who is scared. Also, the child runs away from Garo as he thinks him as a monster. By the time Garou try to relax his muscle, Genos appears out of nowhere where a new fight begins. Genos uses a combination of blows towards Genos and overpowered him.

We see a lot of punches and fighter thrown by Garou. But when he uses Water-Flow-Fist against him the entire forest burns gets wiped out. it with easily. Garou punched him to the ground and try to kick him with a killer blow on that time Genos use he blaster with damaging himself the process.

Out of now where Monster comes in and tries to help Garou to kill Genos but this won’t word has our Garou does not need anyone on his side towards the goal. Genos kill each one of them in an instant without wasting any time. ( Has Garou becomes serious and takes on a different form by the turn he’s red and hair red which is known until now suddenly he’s master and brother comes in to fight to take down Garou.

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