Everything You Need to know About Haki


I’ve already talked about the Goku’s Ultra Instinct before, but there is another series that uses the power alike Ultra Instinct. But their Ultra Instinct is more diverse and known as Haki. Yes, I’m talking about the One Piece with some amazing characters, moments and places this series has become an ultimate delight to watch. Superpowers are given to the characters in the form of Devil’s fruit transformation.  Though, the devil fruit power is not the only power they showed in the series. Haki is another form of power that makes some of the characters even more powerful than others. So, here in this post, I’ll be talking about Haki only.

In the current manga chapters, Haki was one of the centers of attraction of the series.  So, first let me tell you what Haki exactly is? It is an ability to feel the sense of spiritual energy (Kenbunshoku, or Observation), can use the life force (Busoshoku, or Armament) or even overpower enemies (Haoshoku, or Conqueror). Only the characters who use these three Haki will become the best of the best in One Piece. All the three Haki’s are subdivided into three different categories of their each. This post is intended to teach you everything about Haki, so just sit back and continue reading.