Almost about 4 years Kenji Tsuruta releases the Everyday Wara Emanon First Sereies


I don’t think you haven’t heard about Kenji Tsuruta? The famous manga artist and his renowned manga Spirit of Wonder? If you still don’t know who it is then let me tell you Kenji Tsuruta is a Japnese manga artist who is one of the best artists and know well for his “Spirit of Wonder manga.” It was first serialized in 1982; it is a comedy and sci-fi manga which I personally like.Now today I saw a Kenji Tsuruta painting “Everyday Wara Emanon” published by Tokuma Shoten on April 26th. It’s been more than four years since the “Williams Wilderness Emanon” was published back in November 2013.

The image is representing a sci-fi work describing a strange girl Emanon with the pictures from the birth of life on Earth. Seems interesting right?