Eden’s Zero Chapter 9 – VS Foot Brother


Eden's Zero Chapter 9

Update: Release date for the episode is confirmed.

Status: Aired

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Eden’s Zero is one of the Manga series that has an amazing story of how a Boy Shiki is on a time travel journey with a girl named Rebecca & her Pet. The Chapter 8 is already out & we saw how Shiki & Rebecca went to Sibir hideout to find Weisz in there. We saw how Weisz saves Em Pino (mini robot) from Sibir.

We are not sure when will the Chapter 9 be out, but we sure that it is going to be amazing. Here is the spoiler for Eden Zero Chapter 9.

Eden’s Zero Chapter 9 Spoiler:

We saw an introduction of Foot Brother, who have their iron feet & they are known as The Menacing Master of kick. We also saw how Shiki gets trapped in the tunnel, where is saw his friend Michael from the future, who is been destroyed by other robots. Seeing this Shiki get’s emotional.

In Eden’s Zero Chapter 9, we are going to see how Shiki will fight Sibir for all the sins he has done. But, before that, he will have to fight to the Foot bothers. We will see how Sibir will loose against Shiki and will have to pay for his sin.

Talking about the release date, we are not yet sure about the release date of the chapter. Some sources say that Eden’s Zero Chapter 9 is expected to be delayed by next week, but there is no confirmation yet. We will keep you updated, once there is any official confirmation.