Eden’s Zero Chapter 9 Release Date Confirmed


Eden's Zero Chapter 9

Status: Aired

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We already know what is going to happen in Eden’s Zero Chapter 9 & it is confirmed that the Chapter is going to have their first amazing actions. But, the release date for the chapter was not confirmed, but today we have confirmed the release date for Eden’s Zero chapter 9.

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There were rumors that the chapter would delayed by a week, but our source confirmed it to get aired this week on 29th August 2018.

This update was a relief, as it becomes hard to wait for manga chapters which have got so hyped. In our spoiler article, we have discussed how Shiki will get emotional and beat up the Foot Brother & then Sibir and his members. This chapter is going to showcase Shiki’ ability.

We are personally quite excited to see Shiki’s ability & how powerful he is. With this chapter, we can easily figure out how intense the entire series is gonna be. We are expecting the villains in the future chapters will be more powerful than Shiki’s. We will also get to know why Shiki’s been chosen to go on this future mission.

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