Edens Zero Chapter 67 Spoiler & Release Date – When Homura Meets Mother


Edens Zero Chapter 67

It’s been a while that I haven’t covered Edens Zero Spoiler is because there was nothing interesting to cover. After reading Edens Zero Chapter 66, the excitement for the next chapter is high. Shiki has captured Kurena & she is nothing but Homura’s mother. Also, if you are reading this article, then you definitely want to know more about Edens Zero Chapter 67.  Therefore, here we are with Spoiler of Edens Zero Chapter 67 & its release date.

Edens Zero Chapter 67 Spoiler

Homura might be in shock to see her Mother on the negative side. On the other hand, every reader would want to know the reason why Kurena is doing this. Also, we believe that she is doing all this for someone else. This means, that we might see Shiki is action soon.

In this chapter, we might see the entire story of Kurena & the reason behind her situation. As soon as the story ends, we might see Shiki chasing the man behind all this. Now, who exactly is that, stands a big question.

On the other hand, I also believe that the famous B-Cuber does has some important role in this Arc. Also, we might see Kurenai joining Shiki. So, what do you think you will see in Eden Zero Chapter 67? Do let us know I the comment below.

Edens Zero Chapter 67 Release Date

The release date for Eden’s Zero Manga 67 is not yet set. We are not sure, but it is expected that Edens Zero 67th Chapter will release around 2nd Nov.

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