Edens Zero Chapter 6 Spoiler


Edens Zero Chapter Release Date: 1st August 2018

If you are not reading Edens Zero Manga then you should start reading it now. The manga has already got their 5 episodes out & the 6th Episode is expected to be released tomorrow.

We already know that, Shiki Granbell, Rebecca & Happy have done time travelling & is 50 years back. This happen during Rebecca’s visit to Professor Weisz. Today we are going to see Edens Zero manga 6 Spoiler.

Edens Zero Chapter 6 Spoiler

According to the last episode, Young Professor Weisz has stole money from Sibir because of which Shiki & others are in danger now. In this coming chapter, we will see how Sibir fight to other Robots (Specially Sibir’s Giant robot). The battle might go until all the robots are down, or there will be a compromised deal between Sibir & Shiki.

It is quite clear that Rebecca wants to meet the Professor so that she can borrow the ship, but being 50 year back to past, it seems that the ship does not exist. In the chapter 6 we will see how everyone gets together and form a team. We might see the beginning of a how Shiki and others will get together as a team to meet the Goddess of the Cosmos.

One thing that we also need to clear is, how will Shiki and other will team up with the professor. There is definitely a great story to see in future episodes.

With the Chapter 5, it is quite clear that Rebecca’s ship has a time travelling mechanism which was placed by Professor Wisz, which seems to be a planning to change the future by Wisz and the Demon king. The chapters will get interesting. So let us know what do you think you will see in the Edens Zero Chapter 6.