Eden’s Zero Chapter 26 – Release Date, Spoiler and Raw


It seems that the Sister we were talking about is not the real one. Eden’s Zero Manga Chapter 25 gave a clear hint that we will see Sister Ivry in Chapter 26. Eden’s Zero Manga Chapter 26 is coming next week and it is going to be an exciting one. We are quite excited with every suspect they revel.

Edens Zero Chapter 26
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There few things to focus on and that are Chronophage, Rebbica, Witch. and Planer Guilst is in trouble. To know on what more can be expected to keep reading.

Eden’s Zero Manga Chapter 26 Spoiler

We have not got to know about the fake sister and this chapter is going show a battle between them. Eden’s Zero Manga 26 is titled “Two Sisters”. We will get to know about the suspect sister in this chapter and her purpose. It seems that she was just using Sister Ivry’s power.

Shiki, on the other hand, will be fighting Jinn and me might see Rebecca’s escape. As the Chronophage is on the way to the Planet Guilst we might see WItch and Happy coming for their rescue. There is also a possibility that we might have to wait for another chapter for this to happen.

This will also be a reunion of the Demon King’s crew member and we might see them on their way to meet Mother.

Eden’z Zero Chapter 26 Raw

The Raw Scan for Eden’s Zero Chapter is out a day before the release of the chapter. We will be the first to put the Raw scan hence bookmark this page for Eden’s Zero Chapter 26 Raw Scan.

Eden’s Zero Chapter 26 Release Date

As such we don’t have any update on chapters delay. Hence, Eden’s Zero Chapter 26 is expecyed to get its release on 31 December 2018. This can be the last episode of Eden’s Zero for 2018.

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