Eden’s Zero Chapter 25 – Release Date and Expected Spoiler


Eden’s Zero chapter is getting quite interesting and in Chapter, we saw Sister Ivry, Demon King’s Four Shining Star. Whereas Shini is a concern he has challenged to fight Jinn and the Sister. Eden’s Zero Chapter 25 will get its release next week and will get to know more about the Sisters plan. 

Edens Zero Chapter 25

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All the 24 chapters were unexpected and it becomes clear that we are going to see more new faces. It was quite unexpected to see Sister Ivry and Eden’s Zero chapter 25 is going unveiled a lot of truth about the Guilst

In this post, lets discuss about Eden’s Zero Chapter 25 release date and expected spoiler.

Eden’s Zero Chapter 26 Spoiler

There are two important things to talk about Eden’s Zero chapter 25. One is about Sister Ivry or fight between Shiki and Sister. We are not sure about what exactly we will see, but its sure that it can be either of it. 

If we see Sister vs Shiki, then we might get to see Sisters true power. It has become that Sister is Demon’s king Four Shining star. There is also a possibility that Sister is in Guilst to search for Sister Ivry. This also increase the possibility of Sister to join Eden’s Zero along with Shiki, 

Whereas Sister Ivry is a concern we might see how Weisz and Homura rescue her. There is also a lot of chances that Homura might reveal his plan to Dr. Weisz in the upcoming chapter.  

If you have seen the initial part of the chapter, we saw Chronophage who ate Norma’s time and is reaching Guilst. We will see Happy and Witch visiting the Guilst planet to bring Shiki and other back. This can also be one opportunity that we might sisters reunion. 

Eden’s Zero Chapter 25 Release Date

For those who are looking for Eden’s Zero Chapter 25 Release date,  then you would be happy to know that there is no delay. Eden’s Zero Chapter 25 will get released on 21 December 2018

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