Eden’s Zero Chapter 22 – Release Date & Prediction

Edens Zero Chapter 22
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Eden’s Zero Chapter 22: The Naked Escape

Release Date: 28- November -2018

Status: Released

Eden’s Zero Chapter 21 brings another suspense by introducing Sister and his evil plan. During this chapter, we also came across Homura’s either gear “Either Blade” given by her master to defeat Demon King.

It is sure that Sister is not happy with Illeega work and believes that he has brought bad luck to his business. By the end of the chapter, we saw how Sister flew on her ship to meet her clients. As Illeega has brought just 29 girls, that does not serve the requirement. On the other hand, Rebecca is planning for an escape & Shiki is searching for her.

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This ensures that the Guilst Planet Arc is going to take a while to end. In this Article, we are going to talk about Eden’s Zero Chapter 22 Release Date & Prediction.

Eden’s Zero Chapter 22 Prediction:

Talking about Eden’s Zero Chapter 22 title “The Naked Escape” gives a clear hint that Rebecca and others are planning to escape. In chapter 21 we saw how Rebecca plans on escaping with others. This is also one hint that we might see Rebecca using her either gear. Last time we saw her using her Either gear was during her bath time at Eden’s Zero Ship.

Whereas Shiki is a concern, we have already seen him reaching near Rebecca. There is a huge possibility of an awkward moment between Shiki & Rebecca. During their escape, we might see Shiki noticing Rebecca naked & at the same time he might encounter Jinn again.

Eden’s Zero Chapter 22 Discussion:

As we have just given you our prediction, we would also like to discuss a few things with our viewers. First, the battle between Shiki & Jinn. It has already been clear that Jinn is a tough competition for Shiki & during Rebecca’s escape there is a huge possibility of them to meet.

Talking about the 2nd important discussion is Rebecca’s Either gear. We are not sure about her Either Gear yet, but believe that it is something that is able to destroy anything it touches.

The most important thing to discuss is about Homura’s master. There is no doubt that her master might be one of Demon King enemy from long back & have made Homura capable to defeat Demon King. In the future chapter, we expect to see more detail about her and her master.

Eden’s Zero Chapter 22 Release Date:

Now, talking about the release date for this chapter, Eden’s Zero Chapter 22 will release on 28th November 2018. Before that, we will get our hands on the confirmed Spoiler for this chapter, which will be shared here.