Eden’s Zero Chapter 19 – Release Date And Our Expectation


Edens Zero Chapter 19

Eden’s Zero Chapter 19: The Genius Who Only Thinks Of Fun

Release Date: 6 November 2018

Status: Released

Eden’s Zero has become one of the best Manga Series in 2018 & Chapter 18 was also an exceptional chapter. It was obvious that Shiki will be fighting against Jinn, but as expected by us, the fight did end in the same chapter but has postpended for Eden’s Zero Chapter 19.

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We were expecting to see Rebicca’s Ether Gear, but that did not happen & instead, we saw her getting kidnapped & going to Guilst. During Shiki’s & Jinn’s battle we saw how Jinn has to get away & he challenges Shiki to find him in Guilst. This makes it clear that Eden’s Zero Chapter 19 will be about Shiki’s battle with Jinn at Guilst.

As there is a lot to talk about this chapter, here we are with our expectation on Chapter 19. If you are interested to contribute to this chapter, feel free to put it in the comment below.

Our Expectation:

This is the first time that we have seen Shiki is such anger & we know how important friends are for him. In this chapter, we might see Shiki’s other sider & his new power level.

Edens Zero Chapter 19
This is the new character that we are going to explore in Eden’s Zero chapter 19

By the end of the chapter, we saw a new character, which means a new character is expected in Eden’s Zero Chapter 19. The new character is expected to join Shiki in Eden Zero. Apart from this new character, we might also get to know about Sister.

The one thing that we wonder if Rebicca could fight the Sister and Shiki with Jinn. It is clear that this chapter will be about Shiki’s journey at Guilst.

Release Date:

The good thing is that there is no delay in the chapter release date yet & it will release on 6th November 2018. If there is an update in the schedule you know the right place to visit.