Eden’s Zero Chapter 18 – Release Date & Expectations


Edens Zero Chapter 18

Eden’s Zero Chapter 18: Highway That Cries Like A Wind

Release Date:  30 October 2018

Status: Aired

Eden’s Zero Chapter 17 is out & a lot of things has been shown from what we expected in the chapter. The guy who is behind Lavillia is a cyborg whose role is to take command from Master Iliga.

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With Chapter 17, it became clear that Master Iliga’s aim is to collect B Cubers girls and turn them into stone & that’s the reason why the chapter is called My Collection. Looking at the end of the chapter, it seems that Rebecca, who is on his way to Mater Guild will be captured by Iliga’s gange as his new collection & on the other hand we will see Shiki V/S the Cyborg.

In this Article, we are going to discuss  Eden’s Zero Chapter 18 Release date & our expectation.


As Shiki is busy with the Cyborg, it is obvious that Rebecca has to face Mater Iligas all alone. We are expecting to see Rebecca’s Ether Gear power in this chapter. (Provigil) This will be the first time for every reader to witness Rebbicas Ether Gear. We believe that this is the reason what Master Guild is calling her to meet.

On the other hand, we might see Shiki going through tough time fighting the Cyborg. We are expecting to see E4’s appearance in the chapter protecting Shiki.

This chapter will be focused more on Rebecca & his Ether Gear & we are expecting to see the Cyborg V/S Shiki in Chapter 20.

Release Date:

Talking about Eden’s Zero Chapter 18 release date, it is expected to release on 30th October on their official timing. If there is any change in their schedule, we will update you here.