Edens Zero Chapter 17 “Collection” – Release Date & Expectation


Edens Zero Chapter 17

Edens Zero Chapter 17: Collection

Release Date: 24 October 2018

Eden’s Zero Chapter 16 is out & it was more focused on Lavillia the new character. With the last chapter, it seems that Lavillia is a big-time celebrity of the Planet Blue Garden. After reading Chapter 16 it becomes clear that Eden’s Zero Chapter 17 will be full of action.

At end of Eden’s Zero Chapter 16, we saw a new character who targets Lavillia as the target to execute his mission. In this Article, we will be discussing Eden’s Zero Chapter 17 Release Date & our Expectation.

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Our Expectation:

Looking at the end part of the last chapter, it seems that there is another crew in the Planet Blue Garden who are there is kidnap Lavillia. We still wonder if there is another crew or is it Lavillia’s plan to just get some attraction. To know more we will find it out once the chapter is released.

With this, it is sure that we might see some action with Shiki. One of the major concern about the chapter is about the Guild Master. As seen that the Guild Master wants to meet Rebicca, which is quite unusual. We are expecting to see Rebicca using his Ether Gear soon in this Chapter.

As said by the Android “E4” that their other crew is already there in the Planet Blue Garden, which means that we could see other Demon Kings crew in this chapter. It seems that Chapter 17 is going to unveil all mystery about Eden’s Zero.

Release Date:

Till now there is no indication of this chapter to be delayed & hence we are expecting Eden’s Zero Chapter 17 to be aired on 24th October. If there is any change in the schedule we will update you here.