Eden’s Zero Chapter 15 – A Mysterious Emissary


Eden's Zero Chapter 16

Eden’s Zero Chapter 15: The Demon’s King Battle Ship

Release Date: 11 October

Status: Released

Eden’z Zero is one of the Manga series that keeps surprising us after every chapter they release. Chapter 14 is aired & as expected we got to know a lot about Demon King secret. It seems that Elsie & the Demon King were friends & Demon King had predicted that Shiki would appear to Elsie.

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It was quite surprising for us to know that the Ship belonged to the Demon King. Elsie had already planned on giving the ship to Shiki but wanted to witness Shiki’s ability. It looks like our early predictions were not all false.

Update: “The one who meets Mother is reborn”

Now, that the Start System Alliance Force is there to capture Elsie & also the person on her other ship (Shiki), it becomes clear that the future chapters are going to take an interesting turn. By the end of the chapter, we saw a mysterious Emissary awakened in the Demon King’s ship & Eden’s Zero Chapter 16 is going to be about her.

Eden’s Zero Chapter 16 Expertise:

The Emissary in the ship is named E4 & we believe that stands for something. In this chapter, we are expecting to know more about this new character & also about the Demon King. It is expected that she is aware of Mother location.

She looks like Devil King’s experiment who is awakened. She looks more like a guide for Shiki’s journey to meet the mother. Which means, she is more as a helper for Shinki.

Release Date:

Eden’s Zero Chapter 15 is expected to release on 11 October next week. We will first see the RAW version release on 9 October. If there is any change in the schedule, we will update you here.