Eden’s Zero Chapter 14 – Demon King Reborn


Eden's Zero Chapter 14

Eden’s Zero Chapter 14: Born Once Again

Release Date: 03 October

Status: Aired

Update: The chapter is aired. Enjoy reading Eden’s Zero Chapter 12

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If you have seen Eden’s Zero Chapter 13, then you might have noticed Shiki inheriting Demons King’s power. He smashes the Skull Fairy & now is on the journey to meet Mother. In the last chapter, a lot of stories has been reveled.

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It got clear that even the Devil King wanted to meet Mother, but was able to meet her. It is said that no one have ever reach mother. This ensures that the further chapters are going to be about their journey to reach Mother.

Taking about the upcoming chapter 14 we will see more details about the new characters from chapter 13. Shiki developing his new Gravity power seems to be overpowering his grandfather, the Devil King. This ensures adventure craving in the next chapter & we are here to see what we can expect in Eden’z Zero Chapter 14.


It was already said that the Chapter 13 will be the beaning of new Arc & that is the Journey to meet Mother. As seen that Star System Alliance Force (SSAF) are already there, we believe that they will definitely get in the ship to know Devil King’s presence.

This also ensures that Justice & Victory from the SSAF have already faced the Devil King. We are expecting to know more about the Devil King and his desire to meet Mother. There are a possibility that the officers will share some insight on how to reach to Mother. Shiki’s new Journey to reach Mother will defiantly have more action.

We will see how the SSAF will take along Elsie Crimson & also Shiki taking over the huge ship to meet Mother. Meeting Mother seems quite tough & hence expecting a lot of adventure from the upcoming chapters.

Release Date:

Eden’s Zero Chapter 14 will release on 03-October 2018 & we are expecting to see Shiki’s new form in his new journey. We would request you to share your thoughts on your expectation on the next episode.