Eden’s Zero Chapter 13 – Beginning Of A New Arc


Edens Zero Chapter 13

Eden’s Zero Chapter 13: Edens  Zero

Release Date: 25 – Sept

Status: Aired

Update: Eden’z Zero Chapter 13 is Aired

In the last chapter of Eden’s Zero, we saw how Shiki & his friends along with their spaceship gets pulled into the giant spaceship. Rebecca’s figures out the Ship is of the space pirates who rule the Seven Cosmic Sea & is really dangerous to be in there.

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It seems that the Skull Fairy is planning to sell them in the Planet Guilst. This planet is the only planet that has no rules & is filled with murdered and criminals. Where the professor tries to act smart, Shiki, on the other hand, decided to fight them & take over their ship. (Adderall)

With Shiki’s decision to fight, Skull Fairy accepts the challenge and direct Shiki with the direction, where she will be waiting for him to arrive. When Shiki reaches the place, he sees a bunch of space pirates waiting for him. These pirates were nothing but a space Octopus. By the time, Shiki reaches the room, he meets Elsie Crimson (Skull Fairy’s true form), who has surpassed his  Grandfather the Demon King.

Our Expectation: 

We believe that the next chapter is the beginning of a new Arc. Knowing the fact that Elsie Crimson was waiting for Shiki, we expect to see some action. There is also the possibility that Elsie would want some help from Shiki. We might also get to know more information on the Demon King from Elsie. We still wonder that there are possibilities that they could collaborate to achieve something.

Talking about Planet Guilst, we could see Shiki and his friends to visit the planet to acquire something. There is still a lot of mystery about Elsie, which will be revealed in the next chapter. We believe that there is some connection between Elsie & Shiki.

As the title suggested, Edens Zero, clearly tells that we will get to know more about this Manga & what we can expect in the future.

Release Date: 

Talking about the release date of Eden’s Zero Chapter 13, it will be aired on 25th September next week. If there is any change in the schedule, we would update you here.