Eden’s Zero Chapter 11 – Machine Maker


Eden’s Zero Chapter 11: Machine maker

Release Date: 12- Sept

Status: Aired

Eden’s Zero Chapter 10 is already out & with the chapter, it has become clear that even the police is on the other side. We saw how Shiki gets upset and beat up Shibir. It has also become clear that the Young Professor Weisz is not just a thief but also the one who know more about machines. It has also been confirmed that Pino is from the future a robot made by Future Professor Weisz.

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Also seeing that the police have already been surrounded the ship & it seems that they are not able to get out of some trouble. We see how the young Professor comes in & tells that the ship is full of crap. With his statement, it is now clear that we would see a new journey of Shiki in the past.

What Happen In Chapter 11?

In this chapter what was really surprising to see was Young professor to acquire Ether Gear & with this he has an ability to upgrades & remolded the spaceship in real time. He helps Rebecca’s spaceship & upgrade its OS to make it function fully. Along with that he also fix Pino’s leg.

In this chapter it got clear that Shiki  and others are not in the past, but in the present. When the present Professor’s calls Rebecca he makes it clear that they are in the present & the reason behind this was, that the planet Norma, which has been effected by time sliop because of which the entry on this planet has been banned

The present professor explains that a monster called “Time Eater” has eaten Norma’s 50 years, & this cannot be undone. Professor revels that Pino’s master “Demon King” who is Shiki’s Grand Father. The present professor also makes it clear to the Young Professor that anything happen to him will not effect the present one. This means that the young Professor Weisz is on his own now.

The chapter ended with a huge space ship that pulls Rebecca’s  spaceship. At the end we see a girl who looks like Rebecca from the future called Skull Fairy. In Eden’s Zero Chapter 12 we are going to know more about the Skull Fairy.

Note: The content has been update after the release of the chapter