Eden’s Zero Chapter 10 – We’re Friends Aren’t We?


Edens Zero Chapter 10

Eden’s Zero Chapter 10: We’re Friends Aren’t We?

Release Date: 5-September

Statis: Aired

Eden’z Zero Chapter 9 is already out & we saw how Shiki comes out of the underground dump yard & kicks Foot Brother’s & Shibir’s butt. The chapter 9 was full of action. With this chapter, it has become clear that Shiki is way too powerful than Foot Brothers and Shibir. Eden’s Zero Chapter 10 is going to be another action pack & will also have a bit of story on how Weisz becomes their friends.

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With this chapter, it has become clear that Shiki has been choosing to change the past on how people use to treat robots & in the future chapter we are going to see more action. In this article, we’ll see what we can expect in chapter 10 of Eden’s Zero.

Eden’s Zero Chapter 10 Spoiler: 

As the title “We’re Friends Aren’t We?” clearly indicated that the episode is going to be about Professor Weisz & Shiki’s friendship. But, before that, we are going to see how Shiki beat up Shibir. The battle between Shiki & Sibir won’t be that long, but it is sure that it is going to be intense.

By the end of the episode, we will see how young professor Weisz realizes the importance of the future of Shiki & his friends and will go for friendship with them. We also think that the young Weisz has some relation that will impact the future.

Rumors say that in the future episode we could see how Shiki will be meeting the Demon King, but the official confirmation is yet to be heard.

Talking about the release date, we expect that the episode will be out by 5 September, but there is no official confirmation about it. There were rumors that the episode might get delayed a week, but we will have to wait for the final confirmation. If you are one of those who already have an information about the release date feel free to submit it in the comment below.