Dragon Ball SuperEpisode 129 review


In the previous episode, we saw Vegeta transferring his energy to Goku. He wasn’t able to stay in the competition, but his pride is still high. There was no episode released last week. But episode 129 is available to stream now. I’ve already watched it and here is my Dragon Ball SuperEpisode 129 review

My Review
The episode started with the recap, showing us what has happened to Vegeta in the last episode, how he was knocked out by Jiren and how he transferred his energy to Goku.

The episode started with Goku and Jiren fighting, where Goku has entered into his Ultra Instinct form. Both were exchanging equal punches, though we can Jiren is getting hard on Goku and Goku finding it hard to dodge all his attacks. Everyone from Universe 7 was worried to see that while spectators from Universe 11 were enjoying to see Jiren fighting.

The tournament has reached to the most critical point now, and everyone is curious to see the end. I’m not talking about the fighters from Universe 7&11, but fans as well are extremely excited to see the end.There was a time when Goku finding it hard to keep up, Vegeta tried to motivate him with his words; he reminded him of the Saiyyan Pride, and that worked. Goku attacked Jiren with his ultimate Kame-ha-ma-ha, but Jiren blocked it with no difficulty.

Goku started to power up, and he reached his new and advanced form of Ultra Instinct. Seeing this Belmod understand that it is going to get hard for Jiren from now on. That’s was completely true, with Universe 7 still praying for Goku’s good, Gou landed a direct punch to Jiren’s gut. That would have hurt a lot.

Belmod gave Jiren the advice to finish Goku right away because he gets a hint of Goku’s new power. With Jiren attacked him but Goku dodged it very quickly and after that, it was just Goku attacking Jiren.

The tournament was about to end with Goku’s new power it seems hard for Jiren to win the match. Goku has successfully activated his Mastered form of Ultra Instinct.

Other than Goku and Jiren, Freza is still inside the field, and we all seem to forget about him.