Dragon Ball Super Series Will End In Spring 2018


I know you can’t read this, to be honest, I’m also not that good with the Japnese language. I watched subbed manga in order to understand the story. Luckily I know what’s written in this. It’s a news for Dragon Ball Super fan’s and it is not a good one. Dragon Ball is getting super popular among fan’s but unfortunately, the time has come when this action-packed series has to end. Somewhere in the end of March after the end of this “Universe Survival arc”, the series will also come to an end.

I know some of you started to think what will be the end. Luckily that’s what written in this twitter post. Animator Tsutomu Ono is a social media person and he is giving back to his fans and to connect with them.

After the news of Dragon Ball Super ending went live Tsutomu Ono reached to his fans through Twitter and that’s what he said.
“The airing of Dragon Ball Super spring (March?), It’s about to end, already made public. His animation Director, yesterday found 126 story finally comes”

Though there is no word leak about the ending story till now but soon there will be some leaks and for that, I will be there for you to get you covered.