Dragon Ball Super Episode 131


Dragon Ball Super Episode 131, the last episode of the series is out now & watching it was inexpressible.  Especially the tournament of Power arc was the best. Well, it will return soon, the cliffhanger and the upcoming movie suggest that maybe next year Dragon Ball will return. Till then here is my Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 review.

My Review

We get to see Goku and Frezza fighting together to beast Jiren. Both Goku and Frezza charging up towards Jiren was the best moment of the episode. Jiren is fighting against the two most iconic fighters of the Dragon Ball. Though they are not at best, both Goku and Frezza have lost their ultimate form. And Jiren is throwing them like they are nothing. Jiren is sure a beast

The action in the last week episode was just amazing 1but the fighting scenes in today’s episode are even better. The finale is perfect, other than action the animation is also very cool. For instance, there is a part in which Goku is looking at Jiren from a distance and that scene is shoted as POV, the camera angle and detail are just perfect.Okay, now let’s just talk about the unexpected, Android 17 technically win the tournament, and honestly, I didn’t expect that. I though Frezza, Gou or Jiren one of those three would win the competition. I never expected Goku and Frezza are going to eliminate themselves to take out Jiren. That makes Android 17 the only one standing made him the winner of the competition.

So, Android 17 win and his wish is completed. He wished to bring back all the Universe. He gets back his crew and when all the Universes are bringing back, and he smiled at them. It was not a big scene, but still, these small scenes made me smile as well while watching the episode 131 of Dragon Ball Super.

There are few Frezza moments as well that I enjoyed. One of them was when he was resurrected, and he is alive now. That means when Dragon Ball will return we will get to see Frezza more. The first trailer for the movie is also out now. With the end of Dragon Ball Super series, fan’s are looking forward to the movie.

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