Dragon Ball Super Episode 130 review


Episode 130 of Dragon Ball Super is the best episode of the series. Portraying the greatest battle here is my Dragon Ball Super Episode 130 review.

My Review

From the beginning, till the end, the episode was just amazing. The twist at the end of the episode did blow me away. We all knew Frieza is still in the arena. He came back in this episode and with his Android 17 also came back to life. Okay, it wasn’t astonishing to see Android 17 back, but watching Android 17 with Frieza fighting against Jiren was just incredible. Honestly, I didn’t expect that Android 17 would fight with the boss of this arc, in this series & this is one of the biggest twist of the series.If you remember both Frieza and Android 17 are designed to kill Goku. Determined to kill Goku and destroying the planet, how ironic it is to see Android 17 standing and trying to save the universe. Both Frieza and Android 17 who was once acted like a maniac now fighting Jiren to save the Universe. Now the fight was incredible, the animation was amazing, and there was nothing bad about this episode. But there is something more incredible than the fight and the animation. It’s the part where Jirent attacked the stand where all the spectators were sitting. Most of you might not have paid attention as you all think he is a villain. He didn’t hit the stand to kill people or to hurt them, he did it just to show Goku that his friends can die just like this and in this case, he might act the way Jiren is acting. Jiren always think that power is everything, he was a weakling in the past and he lost all his friends and family. He trained himself to become the strongest but now getting beaten up, he thinks like he has not made any progress. He broke down and hit the stand. If you think a little deep you will notice that Jiren is just like Goku but without friends.

The wait for this episode was worth it, the action was on the peak and as I mentioned earlier. Episode 130 is the best episode of the series.