Dragon Ball Super Episode 128 Spoiler: What Goku will wish for?


Dragon Ball Super is about to end, and we all are not that happy after hearing the news. Though, the thing is that the series is showing us some really good episode wrapping the entire story of the Tournament of Power arc. In the last episode, we get to know a little about jiren’s past, and we get the hint what he will wish for if he wins the competition. Fans are talking about it on all the social media sites. After reading a number of fan theories about Jiren and Goku’s wish. Here I have a Dragon Ball Super Episode 128 Spoiler : What Goku will wish for.We all know can easily predict what Goku is going to wish for, he will ask for all the universe to revive.But, what if instead of wishing to revive the multiverse, he wishes to revive all the universe as a common universe so that there won’t be any multiverse. In the simple sentence what if Goku will wish to merge all the universes as a single universe.

Well, know this theory does make sense as it will give creators a lot of content. With this, we will get a lot of new characters to know, and if you have read my previous Dragon Ball post, then we might get to see the Jiren’s entire story. If all went great, then we might see Goku, Jiren, and Vegeta fighting alongside with the Evile doer. Seeing all this will be amazing.

Well if Goku wishes to merge the multiverse it will get easy for Zenon to make the universe. As Zeno/the Grand Priest would presumably be incredibly annoyed because it was a hassle to have to manage all those universes and that is why they decided to erase universes.

This wish of Goku will also help him as he will get to find more powerful characters and this will help the series to continue on the same path.