Damn! Vegeta. Episode 128 is out now, and after watching the episode, I was just so amazed. So, here is my Dragon Ball Super Episode 128 review.

My Review – Dragon Ball Super Episode 128

Not many episodes are left now as the series finally comes close to the end. And after watching this episode, everyone can agree that Vegeta is the one with more character development. In the first half of the episode, we get to see it. As there is a scene in which Jiren was landing punch after punch to Vegeta. ButVegeta refused to give-up and kept getting back. If you can notice that showed how Goku was first in the starting. He never-give-up, Goku is the one always pushing his limits, and Vegeta was doing the same in this episode.

The moment when Vegeta realized he couldn’t keep-up anymore he slings his key to Goku. Remember Vegeta never likes to transfer his energy to Goku, but here he kind of gave it Goku. The gesture seems like Vegeta is saying “Her, take this and beat the shit out of Jiren.” He wanted to Universe 7 to win, now he doesn’t care about his win. He just wants the universe 7 to win.

It was an emotional first half of the series. Vegeta has changed he is a father now, and that changed things for him. His character and his attitude both have change. His pride is still there, but now he has someone to protect. He has his daughter, and now he know how it will feel to lose someone.

Now in the second half, after receiving energy from Vegeta, Goku is good to go and that time Jiren asked him a question “Why everyone trusted you?” Goku is very inspiring and I think that’s enough to answer his question. Goku is certainly not aas powerful as Jiren and there is a time when he almost got Knocked-out. Luckily Goku’s ultra instinct activated and saved him. It was the third time he used his Ultra Instincts and this one looks even more powerful. There was a punch that Goku landed on Jirens stomach, made him kind of puke. It was a very critical attack. Now there was nothing else about the episode. I’ll be talking about the spoiler and the preview in the next post.