Dragon Ball Super Episode 127 Spoiler


Final lap, with just a few episodes left Dragon Ball Super and the Tournament of Power will be ending very soon. I’ve become a Dragon Ball Fan, and it’s hard for me to wait every day and to think what is going to happen next. So for all of you who think like me. I come here with Dragon Ball Super Episode 127 Spoiler for you.

Synopsis of episode 127 to 129 went live this week in Japan. Several anime magazines published the main parts and aspects of the event, but there is nothing mentioned about Freeza in any of their news.

In episode 127, we have Goku, Vegeta, 17, and Freeza representing Universe7 while Jiren is the only one representing Universe 11. There is no description of Freeza in any news, he seems to be out of the picture for now. According to the spoiler Goku, Vegeta and 17 will be going all out against Jiren. By the end, Android 17 will sacrifice himself to finish Jiren. It is not going to work, and Android 17 will end up eliminating himself.

The next episode goes much the same as Goku and Vegeta take center stage following the elimination of Android 17. I’m curious about Freeza and How Android 17 will end his part in the tournament.