After Vanquishing Toppo in the last episode Vegeta, Goku, Frezza and Android 17 are the only ones up against the Jiren of Universe 11. Episode 127 is out and here is my Dragon Ball Super Episode 127 review.

My Review
The episode started with Vegeta’s idiot attempt to ambush Jiren when Android 17 and Goku both were still strategizing. Goku and Android 17 both went after Vegeta to help him but Jiren easily able to dodge their coordinated attacks. There was a lot of action in this episode, and you will surely enjoy it.

Within the first half of the episode, Android 17 was managed to injured Jiren. He was up against Jiren also while our two other fighters were injured and resting. We get the appearance of Frezza in this episode but it was just for few seconds.

The episode was describing the meaning of Humane. Jiren who looks like a monster, a killing machine with no feelings, have a wish to grant from the super dragon ball. His family was murdered by an evil enemy when he was a kid. He was saved by a strange warrior who later becomes his master and trained Jiren.

When the Evil enemy returned, Jiren thought he is strong enough to take him down. He fought along with his companions and with his master. But the enemy is stronger, and many of his companions and his masters ended up dead. He tried to get up again, but no one wants to fight again. His own people broke his trust, and that’s why he is obsessed with becoming the strongest.

Same goes for Android 17, he was to win the tournament and want to wish to go on a cruiser with his family. Though in this episode he sacrificed himself, his wish so that Goku and Vegeta can get some time to heal. He disables the Jiren’s big attack by activating the self-destruct in himself.

Both the wish and the reason are human, and that’s what this episode was trying to portray, the meaning of being humane.

3 Minutes are left at the end of Tournament of Power. Vegeta is ready to fight Jiren while Frezza and Goku are still on the ground. Let’s see what will happen next.