Episode 126 is here, I’ve watched it and here is my Dragon Ball Super Episode 126 review.

My Review
The last week’s episode was focused on Toppo and his god abilities. He was the protagonist of the previous week episode as both the Android 17 and Frezza were acting like a villain. But this week in episode 126 things have changed. According to the title this episode is about Vegeta surpassing the god of destruction power by challenging Toppo. Though this didn’t happen right away as Toppo was the one challenging Vegeta.

For the first part of the episode, we see the scenes from the previous week’s episode.The episode started from the part where Toppo was holding Frezza by his head. In the first half, it was all about Toppo and Android 17. They continuded from where they left.

Android 17 was giving a good fight by dodging all the Topps attacks. He was giving Toppo a chase. Android 17 did find him off-guard, but it was not enough for him to finish Toppo. Though we see Frezza blasting Toppo from the behind. I though Frezza will stay unconscious until the very end of the series, but he came back again without any episode break. If you have played Drago Ball Fighters game, then you’ll notice that Frezza made several attacks that we haven’t seen for a while now.

After that, we were back to where we were before, Android 17 and Frezza vs. Toppo. Now both Jean and Toppo had an understanding, and they switched enemies. This was Toppo ended up attacking Vegeta. To be honest, I thought Vegeta would be the one to challenge, but it occurred differently. The animation there was nothing special, the fight between Vegeta and Toppo was not special. It was better than the first half of the episode. The part after Vegeta and Toppo’s trash talk I get to see the real action. Toppo’s huge right-hand key blast that took Vegeta down was the one I’m talking about.

Vegeta motivated himself by thinking about his promise to Kabba after that he was able to unleash his key. Vegeta was dodging all the hakai Toppo shooting him. Vegeta started to powerup for the Hakai level attack. It was like the Magginbu vs Vegeta fight. When Toppo shot his big hakai ball, and Vegeta threw his yellow colors super-powered ball. At first, the hakai ball consumed the whole yellow ball but then with Vegeta’s screaming yellow ball start to come out from hakai, and there was a huge blast.

This shocked Toppo, and after the explosion, we saw Toppo lying on the ground his shirt is off, and he is out of the episode. Vegeta was fine, but he might be completely out of power. The last half of the episode was the best I enjoyed it, hope you enjoyed it as well.