Okay, it was terrific, from the start till the end seeing Toppo going into God of Destruction mode. Episode 125 already aired and here is my Dragon Ball Super Episode 125 review.

My Review
Just as we saw in the preview, Toppo awakened his power of God of Destruction and showcasing his power was the only theme of this episode. There is no doubt that his power is awe-inspiring. But the No. 17 is fighting and trying to find an opening. Frieza got slammed in this episode, Toppo’s new power overwhelmed Frieza’s power, and that shows No. 17 stand no chance against Toppo. But let’s hope for the good, we have seen many new transformations in last few episodes maybe we will see NO. 17’s transformation as well. Though I know, it is not going to happen.

No. 17 is standing on his feet’s trying to win, but Frieza, oh man, he got some lousy beating in this episode. Frieza got what he deserves, he is not out of the game till now, but he is unconscious. So we know Frieza and his attitude that he is the best, he intimated Toppo when he has achieved is a new power. Frieza also underestimated Toppo’s power and tried to block his first attack with just one hand, but soon he realized the power. It was too late though as Toppo already got his fist inside Frieza’s guts.

There was a scene where Toppo was holding Frieza by his head, and he about crushed it. Frieza’s face was so scared, he should have learned not to underestimate his opponents. When Toppo sent his first attack, it was insane as the fighting stage was broke and even the color of the sky has changed.

6 minutes have left at the end of tournament and Jiren still seems to b good as new. Both Goku and Vegeta are trying and giving all they have, but nothing is working. We didn’t get to see much of them, but still, the episode was action packed. Seeing a new God of Destruction in the field is good. Let’s see what will happen in the next episode till then take care, good bye.