Episode 124 has arrived, I was excited about it but after hearing the news of Dragon Ball Super ending in March 2018 just put a halt and I start to think like there are only 7 episodes left in the end of Dragon Ball Super series. But whatever the episode was fantastic and here is my Dragon Ball Super Episode 124 review.

My review

The episode started with where it left in the last episode. Vegeta and Goku were fighting Jirenn while the episode shifted to the Freeza and Gohan fighting Dyspo later in the episode. Just like the episode let’s first talk about the Vegeta and Goku fighting Jirenn part. From what I see is that these new forms of Goku and Vegeta are not enough to Knock Out Jirenn. Surely they both were able to pin Jirenn, but it was not enough to end this match. Which means we might see a new form or new power to see hoe Jirenn is going to lose.

The series comes to an end, and anything can happen. I don’t know maybe Goku, and Vegeta loses (which is not going to happen). What if Jirenn win and weird he asks to revive all the universe. Just wondering what if the creators have a different plan for us.

This episode put the spotlight on the Freeza. During Freeza’s fight with Dyspo, he kind of achieved a new form as well. Dyspo was getting hard on Freeza, and that’s when Gohan jumps in to help Freeza. Gohan was like let’s fight together and end this guy. Frezza created a cage like a thing to trap Dyspo and Gohat get in to fight. Gohan did win the fight, but he also gets himself eliminated because of Frezza’s beam.

I wanted to see more of Gohan but it’s okay, he is eliminated now. I thought we will be seeing Gohan’s character development by him achieving a new form, or maybe he fights Jirenn, but nothing like this is going to happen. Gohan fans must be little sad.

Now the thing that I’ll be talking is related to the preview, and if you haven’t watched it yet, I want you to watch the preview first. As we know Toppo is a candidate for the new god of destruction. In the preview, we saw him transformed, and his energy seems like God key. This new form just change his appearance, before he and Goku both were at the same level but now he might have unlocked a new form. The thing I’m worried about is that we might see some of the characters get erased by the new energy of Toppo. The episode was amazing let’s wait for the next one now.