Man oh, man. Vegeta finally made it, he finally achieved his new and more powerful form. I’ve just watched the episode 123 and here is my Dragon Ball Super Episode 123 review.

My Review

This episode of Dragon Ball super was all about action and continuous blasts that Jiren and Goku were making trying to take out the other one. Now you are reading my reviews I believe you have already watched the episode. The episode was damn amazing and the final 30 seconds were the best as we finally saw Vegeta’s new transformation during that time.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 123 review

I’ve read comments on various social media sites where people are not satisfied with the art and animation of the episode. According to them the art and animation are not as good as before. To be honest with me it doesn’t matter and for the fact, I can’t see a big difference as well. This episode was just as like the previous episodes to me. I enjoyed the episode.

I don’t know if you have noticed it or not but Goku was using some really nice strategies in this episode. Remember the part where Goku tries to throw Jiren out of the arena so that Universe 7 can win the competition. To be honest it was after very long time I have seen Goku using something other than his strength. He knows that it might not work but he tries his best and for a second I thought maybe this is the way he is going to beat Jiren. But Jiren is very powerful and he was able to save himself from this plan of Goku. Goku planted energy seeds throughout the arena that he used to throw Jiren out of the arena. As I mentioned before it didn’t work completely but it was a very well-directed scene. It can be the main attraction of the episode if there was no transformation involved in this episode.

This episode was all about the Vegeta’s new transformation. Everyone was talking about it and in this episode, we finally saw it. The name and the main power level is not explained yet but at the end of the episode, it was Vegeta’s transformation that making everyone excited about this episode. There is no name but I think it will be called something like Super Sayan Blue 2 or Mastered Super Sayan Blue.

We can have a real discussion on it, though before that I wanted to talk about another best part of this episode and it was the part where we see Goku and Vegeta working together. Together they are destructive and Jiren also seems to be pissed. Now if you remember in Goku and Vegeta able to defeat the God of Destruction. This might be the foretelling of the end of this tournament but we can’t say anything just yet. Gohan and Android 17 were also trying to beat other opponents of Universe 11. They are working on their own strategies as they can’t fight by complementing each other. Now I’m excited about the next episode where we will see Gohan And Frezza working together.