OMG, that’s why I like Vegeta. I’ve just watched the episode 122 of Dragon Ball Super and it was so freaking amazing. I might seem like overacting but this episode I just loved it. Vegeta vs Jiren, let me just get to the Dragon Ball Super Episode 122 review right away.

My Review

I hope you all are reading this episode review after watching the episode, otherwise, I want to warn you all, beware SPOILERS ahead. SO in this episode Vegeta able to land two critical hits to Jiren. Yup, not one but two critical hits, however in the end of the episode he landed on dirt but for now, we kept it to the side. If you remember the Vegeta vs Imperfect Cell from the old Dragon Ball series, he landed up the same uppercut to Jiren as his first critical hit. Followed by a kick and contracts Jiren’s stomach in and seeing that was just so amazing. He made Jiren super angry, it pissed him off and my Vegeta just kicked his butt.

After watching this episode all the Vegeta fan’s must be super happy as it seems like they made this episode, especially for Vegeta’s fan. Vegeta uses his final flash in this episode just like it used it in his battle with Imperfect Cell. The thing that I like the most in this episode is Vegeta’s determination, he doesn’t want ultra instincts, he will figure out something else, Kakarot can have it and he just dived into the battel and then his Final flash. Final Flash is known as one of the best Key blasts in Dragon ball series and that’s why you see everyone freaking out when Vegeta starts to power up. With his Final Flash, he was able to land Jiren on the ground. He landed a clean hit on his stomach and then the Final Flash. Jiren must be in some pain and thinking this guy tries to kill me at once. Though Jiren put the man down in the dirt.

But just wait a minute because Vegeta is getting stronger and better. From the episode preview, we can see that he is going to achieve a new form. It’s not Ultra Instinct and honestly, I don’t know what actually he will be getting. Looking form his Super Saiyan Blue, it feels very different I mean the shade of blue is different this time. From what I believe Vegeta’s new form will be the mastered form of Super Saiyan Blue. It will be like Super Saiyan Blue 2 which will be amazing to see.

With this, they both (Goku and Vegeta) got something different that they are best at. For Goku, it is his Ultra Instinct and For Vegeta, it might be his Super Saiyan Blue Mastered. Now let’s wait until the next episode to see what his new form actually is.